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Advilcom-Centrum summary in numbers

100+ projects
2008 founded in
8+ countries
20+ services


  • Founded

    Advilcom-Centrum was founded in Romania. The founder coming from a family with family business already during college was born the idea to start his own business. In the first stage, a textile store was opened in the field of textile retail. In addition to this activity we have provided technical consulting and management services to different local companies. Later in 2015, after the completion of the university studies abroad by the founder, the activity of the company was completely moved to the consulting field.
  • Since 2015

    Since 2015, we have begun to offer our international customers a wider range of services to support strategies, restructure productions, modernize the machine park, obtain financing for the renewal of the machine park and IT systems, starting new businesses, balancing of production the islands and lines, implementation of a better quality system, supply chain management, global strategic network, brand management and retailing, information technology and increasing efficiency.
  • Present

    Advilcom-Centrum operates today with an international multidisciplinary consulting force. The company maintains the faith of its founding principles of professionalism, specialization and passion, which makes our organization ideally positioned to support leading players and organizations in the challenges and opportunities of future global textile and fashion markets.


We advise you in all functions along the value chain: consumer information, company strategy, product creation, supply chain, sales channels and stores. Some specific examples include the following:
International growth
We evaluate the potential for international growth through the initial market analysis, the creation and selection of a value proposition, the elaboration of a detailed market entry plan and the design of the regional organization of the country.
Technical support
One of our strengths has always been our ability to align production costs and increase productivity at international competitive levels, through the physical implementation of technological improvements, production management techniques and direct and indirect training programs for technical personnel and surveillance. Our technical interventions focus on topics such as rapid response, time-based competition and quality management.
We help customers make purchasing decisions, increase the productivity of value chains, build strategic partnerships with suppliers and integrate sustainability into their practices.
We start by establishing the right strategy for the company, targeting sources of commercial and operational value, as well as non-financial drivers that serve as indicators of future performance.

The ability to innovate and differentiate is a key success factor, enabling leading companies to become more competitive in the world of textiles and clothing. Advilcom-Centrum has developed experience in supporting textile companies with their innovation programs.
Quality management
In recent times, the development of quality systems and quality assurance models has been facilitated by increasingly reliable production methods and almost with very low defect rates. However, the textile and clothing industry is still seeking a universally accepted approach to quality management. Quality assurance involves the application of an integrated approach to quality management, which focuses on the problems arising from the design of the process to create a system of continuous self-improvement, which will ultimately guarantee that quality is integrated and does not just mean product inspection.
Information management and digital strategy
We assist our clients in the field of continuous improvement and knowledge management by applying consolidated methodologies and ERP systems. We create digital strategies with customers through workshops that help identify where the value is, how to design pilots and create a digital map for implementation.
Strategy development services
The global textile and fashion markets are changing rapidly in both production and consumption. The competitive playing field is challenged by companies of all sizes from all corners of the world, in response to the demands, tastes and buying patterns of consumers. We assist our clients in developing a medium- and long-term strategy.

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